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Portevin, Catherine

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Télérama - France | 05/03/2008

Irène Théry denounces the notion of the individual

The sociologist Irène Théry, interviewed by Catherine Portevin, criticises the notion of the individual, seeing in it a step backwards for women. "When political authorities speak of the individual, they generally refer to a neutral, asexual being. But who has actually met such an asexual individual in ordinary life? Inversely, note that when these same politicians broach gender issues, they completely forget this individual: here we are immediately split into two essential, fixed categories, 'Men' here and 'women' over there, as if each of us only belonged to one half of humanity. I see here a regression in relation to the universalistic demands that have always existed in the feminist movement, where women indeed expressed their refusal to be confined to their 'difference'."

Télérama - France | 30/01/2008

For Zygmunt Bauman, intellectuals can help fight fear

In an interview conducted by Catherine Portevin, the Polish philosopher and sociologist Zygmut Bauman considers that the role of modern intellectuals is to help people fight feelings of insecurity. "These days, fears are diffuse, scattered, and ill-defined. It is difficult to put a finger on them, to trace their origins ... This is what makes contemporary fears so difficult to temper and to impede. ... These uncertainties fuel and reinforce one another, forming a state of mind and feelings that only the term 'vague insecurity' aptly describes. We feel unsure of ourselves because we do not know where our fears come from or how to react. Thus we need intellectuals in order to become aware the reality of certain dangers that are invisible to the naked eye, and also to warn us against imaginary threats invented for political and commercial purposes."

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