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Portes, Jonathan

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El País - Spain | 30/03/2012

Rajoy should not listen to EU

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy finds himself at a crossroads after Thursday's general strike. But rather than following the EU's requirements he would do better to tackle unemployment, Jonathan Portes and Ana Rincón-Aznar of the British National Institute of Economic and Social Research write in the left-liberal daily El País: "Shortly after the elections in the UK Mariano Rajoy said: 'Cameron's plan creates trust, I would do something similar in Spain.' But luckily for him the Spanish elections took place a year after ours, allowing him to have a look at the reality in Spain and the UK. ... Now he must decide. He can take the path of Prime Minister Cameron and aggressively cut spending to 'renew market confidence' and follow the short-sighted advice of the EU Commission. However he would be better advised to concentrate on Spain's true problem, namely creating jobs and stimulating growth."

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