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Porter, Henry

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The Observer - United Kingdom | 11/04/2010

Iceland promotes freedom of information

In view of a video published by the information platform Wikileads that shows a US attack on civilians in Iraq the Sunday paper The Observer praises Iceland's efforts to guarantee freedom of expression and information: "Openness has become an obsession here equal to the belief that all citizens have the right, indeed duty, to inform themselves about what is being done in their name. That view applies to all democratic governments, not just their own, which is why the Icelanders may be on the point of providing a crucial service to the world."

The Guardian - United Kingdom | 15/04/2009

Criticism of British police strategy

Early on Monday morning the British police took the "preventive" measure of arresting 114 demonstrators suspected of wanting to carry out an attack on a power plant near the city of Nottingham. Henry Porter criticises the move in the left-liberal daily The Guardian: "The arrest of 114 people on suspicion of conspiracy ... is extremely worrying and may be regarded as further indication of a style of policing that has developed under this appalling government and is undermining the values and needs of a free society. ... If we allow the police to extend pre-emptive actions from the fight against terrorism into all areas of policing we will end up with a situation where it is enough for the police to suspect someone of merely harbouring intention before making an arrest. ... The operation in Nottingham over the weekend should be scrutinised at every level to make sure that we are not, inch by inch, entering a period in which intelligence-gathering operations effectively bring to an end free assembly and protest, and allow the idea that the police can read and prosecute people's intentions."

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