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Porcel, Baltasar

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 19/12/2007

Is Gonzalez up to directing the EU 'reflection group'?

Baltasar Porcel does not share the joy of his compatriots concerning the nomination of Filipe Gonzalez, former Spanish socialist Prime Minister (1982-1996), as head of the EU think tank. "Felipe Gonzalez [has many] political qualities, but they don't seem useful in the context of a committee. This committee needs to study and provide advice on issues such as global warming, education, globalisation, fields about which Gonzalez does not necessarily know much. He is the opposite of someone like Al Gore, who displayed his deep and long-term preoccupation with these themes through a book, a film, articles and conferences. ... He [Porcel] didn't manage to resolve the issue of ETA terrorism in Spain. ... And what will he do with the complex problem of minorities, with the red-hot topic of Kosovo on top of the agenda, while we are still tearing ourselves apart over the Basque and Catalan problems."

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