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Popović, Petar

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Večernji list - Croatia | 22/09/2014

Moving closer to a Kurdish state

The growing importance of the Kurds for the West in the fight against the IS brings many Kurds' dream of having their own state closer, the conservative daily Večernji List observes. "China, which controls a large number of the oil fields in Iraq, looks very kindly on the Kurds' ambitions for independence. Since the times of Saddam Hussein, the Israeli secret service Mossad has been working with the Iraqi Kurds and still does today. The US effectively created an independent Kurdistan when it forced the Iraqi government to liberalise the oil production laws, which led to the privatisation of the oil industry. The Kurdish region benefited most from this and has used the money to promote the creation of its republic. If the US and Israel support the Kurds it won't be long before the EU follows suit."

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