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Popova, Venelina

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 12/07/2011

Corrupt parties scotch anti-mafia law

A long-awaited draft law to fight crime in Bulgaria has failed to be approved by parliament. The law stipuated that assets worth more than 75,000 euros the source of which could not be identified should be liable for confiscation without a court ruling. However, 47 members of the governing party Gerb stopped the law being passed by not showing up for the vote. The party is simply corrupt, the daily Novinar comments: "The behaviour of the parliamentary majority has made their own minister of justice who tabled the law look like a fool. They have thus once again put paid to the myth that Gerb came to power to stamp out corruption, to punish those responsible for criminal wheeling and dealing during the process of transformation, to clamp down on the oligarchs and to restore trust in parliamentarianism and democracy."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 04/04/2011

More sympathy for stray animals

Animal rights organisations on Monday celebrated International Stray Animals Day for the first time. Venelina Popova calls for Bulgarians to show more sympathy for these needy beings and admonishes them for their lacking sense of responsibility regarding animals: "And what should we who are responsible for these animals do on this day? Feed them so that once a year they know what it's like to have a full stomach? And then take pictures of our acts of generosity? A souvenir photo with a stray dog or cat is not a bad idea. We could upload it onto Facebook to show how good and generous we are. ... I don't know who decided to dedicate a day to stray animals or why. But if we believe in a holistic world we must finally realise that stray dogs and cats are also part of that world."

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