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Popova, Mila

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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 05/02/2008

Misunderstandings between Bulgaria and the EU ?

In its interim report on Bulgaria's development, the EU Commission criticises, among other things, that partially incorrect figures regarding progress in the field of organised crime had been submitted to Brussels. Mila Popova writes: "If you follow the dialogue between the EU and the Bulgarian government, you feel like you're watching the film 'Lost in Translation.' This time, as every time so far, Brussels has declared that Bulgaria has problems with corruption and organised crime. The EU criticises that only a few lawsuits against key mafia figures and corrupt high-ranking officials have been brought to a close. In contrast, Bulgaria's Permanent Mission to the EU had provided entirely different data. Bulgarian Home Secretary Rumen Petkov sees the problem in insufficient dialogue between the Bulgarian Home Office and Brussels. And he himself is to blame."

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