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Popov, Radion

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Standart - Bulgaria | 24/08/2015

Refugees bring Islamism to Europe

The massive rush of refugees to the neighbouring countries of Macedonia and Serbia is a precursor to a conspiracy of radical Islamists, according to the daily newspaper Standart: "When the alarm bells start ringing on the borders of Macedonia and Serbia, they also ring in our country. We must make careful preparations to ensure that the mass of refugees does not overrun us. … We must protect ourselves from an uncontrollable wave of refugees. No one can guarantee that there will not be radical Islamists among them. At the moment we are witnessing a scenario that was the design of radical Islamists 30 years ago. They want to bring their ideology from the Middle East, through Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania, through Hungary and Austria, into the heart of Europe, and their plan is already working. Europe can still prevent this. The question is whether it is ready to give up its civilised tranquility."

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