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Popescu, Diana

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Gândul - Romania | 25/05/2010

Romanian cinema a disappointment despite prize in Cannes

The short film Cautare by Romanian director Ionuţ Piţurescu won the prize of the filmmakers' association Société des Réalisateurs de Films at the Cannes Film Festival which ended on the weekend. The daily Gândul has no time for the lamentations of Romanian film professionals who were expecting more prizes: "Once the Cannes Film Festival was over ... the caterwauling started up here at home that the festival was a huge disappointment ... and that too much is invested in young film talents. Tudor Giurgiu [president of the Transylvania Film Festival] recently pointed out that the National Cinematography Center of Romania (CNC) did not finance a single film last year. What he failed to say out of politeness is that far too frequently in the past the CNC has financed films that neither made it to festivals abroad nor were shown here at home. ... In a poor country where policy is determined by scandals rather than the interests of art ... too many people have been able to produce [second-rate] films."

Gândul - Romania | 31/08/2009

Madonna can't bear dissent any more

While giving a concert in Bucharest last week US pop singer Madonna was booed by her Romanian audience when she called for tolerance for eastern European Roma. The daily Gândul notes that she changed her tactic in the following concert on Saturday in Bulgaria: "Madonna has grown old. Not because she's 51. … She has grown old because she can no longer take the strain. … She can't stand dissent. She won't risk disapproval, at least not to her face. This became clear on Saturday night at the concert in Sofia. … There was no more talk about discrimination against gypsies, even though Bulgaria is in Eastern Europe. She held a mini-discourse about tolerance but decided to play it safe. The effect was as expected: the Bulgarians applauded enthusiastically and the show south of the Danube is regarded as a 'triumph'."

Gândul - Romania | 26/05/2009

Romanian filmmaker deserves prize

The Romanian film director Corneliu Porumboiu has won two prizes at this year's film festival in Cannes, including the critics' Fipresci prize. In the eyes of the daily Gândul he deserves the award: "In reality [Romanian film directors] Corneliu Porumboiu, Cristian Mungiu, Cristi Puiu, Radu Jude and Adrian Sitaru are not in danger of getting used to winning awards. Even if they win them frequently or an impressive number of them, they have worked hard for them. They deserve to win. They use lots of little 'tricks' to get their films completed. They struggle to get money, not just ideas. … Usually other people get used [to success]. They shower attention when glory arrives on the festival stage. Then they wait for the next film, naturally a triumph. If it's a success, it seems only natural. If it isn't questions are asked. And disappointment is expressed."

Gândul - Romania | 14/03/2008

A "Romanian Pavarotti" in Spain

Costel Busuioc is one of two million immigrants from Romania. In his new homeland, Spain, he's making a career for himself as a singer and being hailed as the "Romanian Pavarotti". On Wednesday (March 12) he won a talent competition in Madrid. Diana Popescu comments: "President Basescu called him two days after his victory (Did he ring him up beforehand to wish him good luck?). Prime Minister Tariceanu explained how a modest worker was doing wonders to improve the Romanians' image in Spain. For certain branches of work he could be a good advertisement. Tourist services are hoping Costel Busuioc will become a trademark that attracts foreigners to the Romanian coast. For Busuioc, Romania seemed empty - a country where no one saw him, listened to him or helped him. That's why he left. Now Romania worships him. ... Defeated in his own country Costel has now become a winner abroad."

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