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Popescu, Cristian

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Ziare - Romania | 04/05/2012

Criticism of unsuitable ministerial candidates

Several candidates for posts in the new Romanian cabinet have come under attack because they are either currently standing trial or have already been convicted. This is the first setback for Social Democrat Victor Ponta in his task of forming a new government, writes the news portal Ziare: "Ponta has failed as a politician. He should have realised that there would be a huge fuss about such candidates before he nominated them. ... Was he really unaware that the designated education minister Corina Dumitrescu is in the midst of a trial against the very ministry she would lead? And that the designated minister for economic affairs, Lucian Isar, has been sanctioned at the behest of the national bank because of currency speculation? It's hard to believe that Ponta, a lawyer who always claims to be so well informed, wasn't aware of this. Without doubt he knew. But he thought he could get away with it somehow. How wrong he was! … Instead of talking about the 'weighty legacy' of the previous government now everyone is talking about the controversial new candidates. Ponta, who so far had played the role of the hunter, is now the prey."

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