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Popa, Daniel

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România Liberâ - Romania | 18/11/2008

Romania's education system in waiting position

A few months ago the Romanian parliament passed a bill that foresees a salary increase of 50 percent for the country's teachers, but so far nothing has actually been done to implement it. The newspaper Romania Libera writes: "In reality this perpetual state of expectation perfectly describes the education system of the past 18 years. It has waited for money, for reforms, for decentralisation, for changes in examination structures, and in a few years' time it will be waiting on pupils because of the decline in the birth rate. ... In the midst of this chaos dominated by expectations there are only a few reforms by the ministry of education that could mark any considerable improvement to the education system: namely that which introduces a more specialised university education for future teachers. ... With the knowledge they acquire graduates don't even achieve the minimum grade they need to pass the exam that allows them to work as teachers. The 30 hours of teaching courses and two or three hours of teaching experience leave them totally unprepared to face a class. As long as this remains the case there can be no talk of interesting lessons or well-trained teachers."

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