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Pop, Doru

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Adevârul - Romania | 06/01/2016

Why Romanians love conspiracy theories

Rumours have been circulating for weeks In the social networks that the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis "ordered" the disastrous fire in the Bucharest nightclub Colectiv at the end of October. The fire sparked massive popular protests and a change of government. Media expert Doru Pop wonders on his blog for the conservative daily Adevărul why Romanians are so fond of such conspiracy theories: "The Romanians are always quick to see a historic conspiracy behind events. Even Nicolae Ceauşescu was supposedly toppled by 'agents'. Such conspiracy theories are always an expression of a society's irrationality. ... Moreover, we Romanians have a weakness for superstitions, mysticism, magical explanations and exaggerated justifications for anything and everything. A primitive nation that still believes in magic and fortune-telling can easily be duped. And the people let themselves be taken in because they need an explanation for everything - even things that are simply unpredictable and unfathomable."

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