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Poorter, Jo De

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De Standaard - Belgium | 19/06/2014

Tips for the monarch

Royals watcher Jo De Poorter offers Spain's new King Felipe a few tips in the liberal daily De Standaard, and hopes the new Belgian monarch will also take them to heart: "Know what really moves your subjects. Or have someone tell you in no uncertain terms. ... To speak the language of the people you must have a feeling for what the delicate issues are. King Felipe already speaks excellent Catalan. ... Show strong leadership through your deeds, and not your words. Recognise that the world is changing. We should no longer shoot elephants for our own pleasure, and even girls can make perfect heads of state. ... Do your job, don't answer a calling. Successful monarchs show that leading a country can be a career just like dentistry, law or computer programming: something anyone can learn, practice, and excel in. Learn from the biography of Beatrix of Oranje-Nassau. She was the perfect professional princess."

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