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Poór, Csaba

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 13/07/2015

Ultranationalists bring war to western Ukraine

Ukrainian ultranationalists of the Right Sector movement engaged in a gunfight with police in the western Ukrainian region of Transcarpathia on Saturday. At least two people died and up to fourteen were injured. The centre-left daily Népszabadság fears that the civil war in eastern Ukraine will spread to areas of western Ukraine inhabited by Hungarians: "The events in Transcarpathia last weekend carry the danger of a devastating scenario: if the radical nationalists continue to advance, western Ukraine could also become a trouble spot. This would put the Hungarian minority living there in danger. It's clear that the voters reject such a scenario: in the parliamentary elections last year the Right Sector party obtained just 1.8 percent of the votes and didn't even make it into the Ukrainian parliament."

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