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Ponoš, Tihomir

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Novi list - Croatia | 17/07/2015

Tihomir Ponoš on the positive role of mistrust in negotiations

Mistrust can play a key role in guaranteeing the success of important negotiations, journalist Tihomir Ponoš writes in the centre-left daily Novi List, commenting on the nuclear deal with Iran: "According to Barack Obama, one reason for the success of the negotiations was the lack of mutual trust. In a brief address to the nation, the president stressed that the deal is based on controls, not trust, and that it would be irresponsible to reject it. While in the case of Greece mistrust is seen as an impediment that could have brought the negotiations to a standstill, in the case of Iran it is seen as an incentive and guarantee for adherence to the agreement. ... Who knows, perhaps if the negotiations with Greece had started with a healthy dose of mistrust we would have taken a more active, hands-on role, and no one would be worrying today about whether or not the Greek government can be trusted."

Novi list - Croatia | 18/07/2014

Idle speculation over German World Cup victory

The whole world is speculating over the secret reasons for Germany's victory in the Fifa World Cup, the left-liberal daily Novi List writes: "It's not enough to say that the German national team simply won the title. In the case of Germany, there's got to be more to it than that. It has to be something you don't see right away that made it possible for them to take the trophy. Apparently it's not a satisfying enough answer to say that they were simply the best team. No, the Germans have to have the über-economy, the über-system, the über-mentality and the über-organisation - that's the only way they could win the World Cup. The Argentinians, by contrast, don't need all these über-categories when they win. It's enough for them to have a Maradona (or this time around a Messi)."

Novi list - Croatia | 06/06/2014

Hiding Gay Pride is hypocrisy

A Gay Pride parade is to take place in the Croatian city of Split on Saturday. Shortly before the event begins the conservative opposition party HDZ has suggested staging it in a hall to cut the costs of police protection and using the money thus saved to help victims of the flood disaster instead. What hypocrisy, the left-liberal daily Novi List comments appalled: "Rather than calling on the gays and lesbians to change their plans, they should direct their plea to those who make the tight security measures necessary: the violent homophobes. Why shouldn't they stay at home instead? Think of all the money that would save their beloved homeland. But no, the HDZ has demanded that the organisers move their demonstration to a hall. ... The idea isn't just to save money, but also to prevent the public from even noticing the event. But there's one problem: with its demagogic, sentimental show of fake humanity, the HDZ has completely forgotten that the right of assembly is a basic right in Croatia too."

Novi list - Croatia | 08/11/2013

Tihomir Ponoš sees the referendum as a threat to democracy

Croatia will vote in a referendum on December 1 on whether marriage should be defined in the constitution as a bond between a man and a woman. Columnist Tihomir Ponoš calls referendums a pseudo-democratic instrument in the left-liberal daily Novi List: "Referendums do away with compromise as the decisive precondition of a liberal democratic system. In a referendum there is simply no compromise. One side is the absolute winner, the other the absolute loser. You have to be careful with referendums because they often bring more emotion into the social and political sphere than this sphere can take, as you can only answer by ticking 'for' or 'against'. In a referendum the populace is cited as the highest democratic instance and sovereign, based on the constitution. But in the process we forget that in a liberal democracy there is no boundless sovereign, and the constitution itself is the social expression of the limits of the sovereignty of this sovereign. To put it in a nutshell, that means the populace can't do everything it likes."

Novi list - Croatia | 26/07/2013

Clampdown on companies that don't pay on time

The Croatian Ministry of Finance last year published a list of all the people in the country who owe tax debts. This prompted many of them to suddenly pay off billions in taxes in order to be taken off the list. Now a list of companies that have failed to pay salaries and social security contributions are to follow, the left-liberal daily Novi List writes approvingly: "Public disgrace appears to be an effective means of making people obey the tax laws of their country. … The goal of this measure is to bolster financial discipline to ensure the economic progress and social wellbeing of the people. This can only be achieved if salaries are paid on time. But the move is also aimed at strengthening the rule of law and public morals. ... This measure will no doubt be just as effective as the list of tax debtors was. It makes it clear why Slavko Linić is probably the only finance minister in the world who is also the most popular politician in his country."

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