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Pond, Beth

is a journalist and author who has covered Ukraine for 30 years

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Financial Times - United Kingdom | 30/07/2014

Merkel's negotiating tactic was called for

Angela Merkel was right to delay the enactment of tougher sanctions against Russia, the conservative daily The Financial Times comments, rejecting the criticism of the German chancellor's approach: "That view discounts Ms Merkel's service in decelerating the pace of western sanctions to leave room for escalation as and when needed; and to keep Mr Putin talking, rather than shooting, at the moment of greatest danger of a direct Russian invasion of Ukraine last May. This allowed Kiev time to mobilise the ragtag Ukrainian army and purge the most obvious Russian moles from its ranks. In Germany, the MH17 tragedy has done much to dispel the popular notion that the country should try to engineer a conciliation between America and Russia. The shifting mood has given Ms Merkel more room for manoeuvre. She has used it well - and cemented her own emergence as the geopolitical leader of Europe."

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