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Poncet, Charles

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L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 29/01/2014

President of dashed hopes

Obama has once again promised much in his State of the Union address, but his past failures suggest he will once again disappoint, Charles Poncet writes in his blog with the weekly magazine L'Hebdo: "The healthcare reform has been poorly negotiated and now skids along from one failure to the next. ...The immigration reform is going nowhere, and despite the repeated attacks in schools and cinemas, the president hasn't been able to push through even marginally tougher gun laws. Now, as we saw on Tuesday, he is limiting himself to blustering on behalf of the middle class. He committed himself to 'defending' it with an eye to the [Congressional] elections this autumn, and fails to realise that no one believes him any more. Even his most devoted followers are abandoning him by the tens of thousands and joining Hillary Clinton's camp. All hopes for 2016 lie with her. Barack Obama will be remembered as the president of dashed hopes."

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