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Polymilis, Sifis

To Vima, Greece

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To Vima Online - Greece | 18/08/2013

The party's not over in Greece

Despite the crisis, not only tourists but also many locals are visiting restaurants and hotels in Greece this summer. The left-liberal online daily To Vima is not surprised: "Even if some people aren't happy about it and insist on only seeing the negative side of things: Greek society has endured much more than the numbers and statistics show, despite being deeply divided between fatalism and enjoyment. Perhaps because there is enough hidden wealth. Perhaps because unreported earnings are still in circulation. Perhaps because family ties are far closer here than in other countries. In addition we shouldn't forget that our problem has always been the gap between private prosperity and public misery. The crisis has - rightly or wrongly so - not changed many of our habits and perceptions, not to speak of the desire for a certain amount of enjoyment - even if we limit this to a few summer outings."

To Vima Online - Greece | 21/08/2012

German panic-mongering deepens crisis

The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has said during a meeting with his Greek counterpart Dimitris Avramopoulos that the key to Greece's remaining in the Eurozone lies in Athens' hands. Last week several German coalition partners declared that a Greek exit is entirely possible. The left-liberal online newspaper To Vima criticises the Germans' stance: "What are they trying to achieve by causing a panic a couple of days before Samaras arrives in Berlin? Before they have even heard what the prime minister has to say? Don't they see, don't they understand that this constantly aggressive stance is not helping Greece but only aggravating the social and political tensions? ... The crisis in Greece and all Europe can't be resolved with threats and blackmailing. European and above all German leaders must realise that half measures and panic reactions are jeopardising the future of the euro. And the price of a collapse of the Eurozone would be painful not just for already suffering Southern Europe, but for the rich North, too."

To Vima Online - Greece | 25/05/2011

Greece's opposition irresponsible

Antonis Samaras, president of Nea Demokratia (ND), the main opposition party in Greece that was in government until 2009, on Tuesday rejected the government's new austerity measures following a conversation with Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou. Samaras is evading his responsibilities, admonishes the online edition of the Sunday paper To Vima, which is linked to the government: "Obviously Samaras feels obliged to pursue opposition politics. Of course he's free to criticise to his heart's content the many mistakes, contradictions and inefficiencies of the government. But he should not shirk the responsibility his own party bears for the current chaos. And above all he shouldn't encourage an anti-European stance simply as an election tactic. Unless, that is, he really believes that we're not part of Europe, that the euro doesn't need us and we can go it alone. But then he should say this clearly so the citizens know what's what."

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