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Poll, Ene

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Delfi - Estonia | 17/06/2010

Women like football just as much as men do

Not only men are interested in football, Ene Poll explains in the daily Postimees and counters the all too prevalent prejudices: "For example a presenter invites a woman to the TV studio and begins with the question: 'How is it that this male domain ... .' Or some smart aleck tries to describe the unhappy lives of mothers who won't be able to watch television for a month because the football is on and the stereotypical male sits in front of the TV all day long with a beer in one hand. Help! Stop! Everyone watches football. During the World Cup four years ago I was on Malta, where every evening I went with a young French girl to the courtyard which had been turned into a pub to watch the games. And I'm convinced that the good Estonian mothers have set aside their cleaning and baking and are enjoying the games too. Because football is a brilliant game that is not only larger than life, but life itself."

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