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Špoljar, Marko

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Večernji list - Croatia | 20/11/2013

Joblessness is Croatia's real problem

The number of unemployed people in Croatia has risen to 350,000 according to the latest figures released by the national employment office, with one in two young people out of work. The conservative daily Večernji List urges the government to act: "Naturally it's essential for our society to deal with the issues of gay marriage and bilingual signs. Naturally it's important that we oppose discrimination and hatred. But Prime Minister Milanović's government must finally tackle the disastrous levels of unemployment. ... To be frank we don't care whether the left loses the next elections because the right has been cleverer with its ideological games. If the unemployment figures don't start going down, we won't care who becomes the next prime minister. In the country of the poor it doesn't really matter what the prime minister's name is, much less what his party's called."

Večernji list - Croatia | 07/10/2013

Croatia can't celebrate EU membership

Croatia has been a full member of the EU for 100 days. The government's reluctance to take public stock of the country's membership so far is hardly surprising, according to the conservative daily Večernji List, for there is little to celebrate: "We have arrived in the EU like someone who arrives at a party at 3 a.m. after most of the guests have left and the bottles are all empty. The debt crisis has rocked Europe so we won't benefit from many of the positive effects of membership. We haven't registered a significant rise in foreign investment, taking out new loans hasn't become cheaper and we're not seeing a new sense of optimism either in the economy or society. But we ourselves are to blame for all our major problems and the EU could only ever be a source of aid in resolving them. ... However instead of using our first months of EU membership to polish up our image we have made a nuisance of ourselves [in the row over the EU arrest warrant] and driven away investors."

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