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Polito, Antonio

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 06/11/2014

Renzi must be more diplomatic

The new president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker responded to criticism from Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Wednesday stressing that he is not the leader of a gang of anonymous bureaucrats. Renzi had rebelled against Brussels' budget control measures and complained about "Brussels bureaucrats". The Italian prime minister can't afford such behaviour, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera warns: "Europe is sounding out Renzi. No one is against him because everyone knows that if Renzi was toppled things would be much worse. But neither is anyone ready to believe every single word he says. Italy is the only OECD country that is experiencing both deflation and a recession. Its prospects for 2015 remain gloomy. And in Brussels they have realised that the parliamentary authorisation for the labour market reform still hasn't produced any concrete results - apart from social unrest."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 03/04/2011

Ditched because of economic downturn

The announced resignation of Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero is the consequence of the economic developments and his plunging popularity, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera writes: "Bambi - the nickname given him by the opposition because of his doe-eyed face, which became the hallmark of his success - leaves behind him a clear yet not indelible trail in Spanish history. ... The Spanish were keen on Zapatero's gratis right-wing socialism because after the long night of the Franco regime a little freedom and cultural development gave them the feeling of finally having entered the age of modernity. But this wise and pragmatic nation which was willing to back Zapatero as long as the economy was flourishing is ready to get rid of him now that the economy is tumbling following the collapse of the property market and the banks, the true motors of the Zapatero miracle."

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