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Pojar, Dorel

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Revista 22 - Romania | 11/03/2008

Of horses and mobile telephones

In February Finnish mobile telephone supplier Nokia started production in the village of Jucu in Romania. In an interview with Ruxandra Hurezean, Dorel Pojar, the mayor of Jucu, responds to how the village has been portrayed in the German media: "They write that here in Jucu we still ride around with horses and carts and that now that Nokia has arrived we'll finally learn the meaning of civilisation. This is not true. We don't use horses and carts because we don't have cars, but because we feel bound to do so by tradition. I was born on a farm with a horse; a horse ist our heraldic animal. We don't want Nokia telephones on our coat of arms, we want horses. Don't forget, we published a calendar that featured pictures of horses, not of Nokia products. ... So far we haven't gained much from Nokia, whereas Nokia won't have to pay land or property taxes for 30 years. We are losing this tax money which would have flown into the community."

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