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Poiraud, Erwan

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Blog L'Express Sport - France | 01/04/2009

Nobody likes the national team

The sport blog of the weekly magazine L'Express analyses why French football fans don't idolize their national team: "In his morning column in L'Equipe, the former French footballer Bixente Lizarazu explains why the French national team is no longer popular. ... It has to do first of all with the fact that the 'fan culture' in France never extended beyond that level. ... There was never a tradition of support for the French team like there was in England or the Netherlands, for example. Sure, the team's popularity reached a high point in 1998 and 2000, but there was never passion in the stands. ... That explains why French players often seek a 'team spirit' in strong cities like Lens, Marseille and Saint-Etienne. But this does not at all mean that the French are 'genetically' grumpy or temperamental. It's simply because appealing to the 'nation' has become the privilege of the natioinalist right-wing and the extreme right."

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