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Poenaru, Florin

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Criticatac - Romania | 16/02/2015

Fight against corruption a political weapon

Elena Udrea, the former Romanian development minister and close confidante of ex-president Traian Băsescu, has been in investigative custody on several corruption charges since the end of January. The fact that only now have several charges been brought against her shows how political the fight against corruption is, the left-leaning blog criticatac comments: "The war on corruption is neither neutral nor consistent. Apparently the investigations against Udrea only started once Traian Băsescu was out of office, although there was plenty of evidence against her before that. So it seems the judiciary is not at all independent of political dynamics. ... The fight against corruption is far from being a crusade for a neutral judiciary and a moral society. It is a key instrument in the political power struggle and nothing but a weapon that the various factions of the dominant class use against each other."

Criticatac - Romania | 11/12/2012

USL seeking conflict with Băsescu

The left-liberal Social Liberal Union (USL) led by Prime Minister Victor Ponta won a clear victory in Romania's parliamentary elections held on Sunday. But the only thing that keeps the Union together is the confrontation with President Traian Băsescu, which it is using to divert attention from its lack of a concept for the country, anthropologist Florin Poenaru comments in the left-leaning blog portal Criticatac: "This is why despite its major election victory, the USL is the most fragile electoral alliance since the fall of communism. If Traian Băsescu stopped interfering and simply waited for his term of office to end, the USL would have to start governing properly in the midst of an economic crisis that not only is not abating but is only about to really hit us now. This will inevitably undermine the USL, no matter who is prime minister. So the USL can only pray that the political crisis with Traian Băsescu continues, because this is what keeps the alliance together. … In these circumstances the best news for the USL would be if Băsescu doesn't appoint Ponta as prime minister [thus triggering a new major dispute]."

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