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Podkrižnik, Mimi

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1.  Delo - Slovenia | 31/05/2015

France teaches us to treat food with respect

France knows how to set social change in motion, the centre-left daily Delo applauds, commenting on the new French law according to which supermarkets may ... » more

2.  Delo - Slovenia | 09/05/2014

Mimi Podkrižnik wants democracy by casting lots

The widespread disinterest in the European elections is proof that Western democracy has reached its limits, political editor Mimi Podkrižnik writes in the left-liberal daily ... » more

3.  Delo - Slovenia | 20/04/2012

European Left has high expectations

Europe's Left longs for a socialist president in France because this could work to its advantage, the left-liberal daily Delo writes: "The centre-left parties in ... » more

4.  Delo - Slovenia | 16/11/2010

New cabinet jeopardises re-election

The newly reshuffled cabinet in France is a bid to have Nicolas Sarkozy re-elected in 2012, according to a government spokesman. But this won't be ... » more

5.  Delo - Slovenia | 08/06/2009

Why Gordon Brown does not resign

The daily Delo analyses the possible reasons why British Prime Minister Gordon Brown does not resign despite repeated setbacks: "He probably hopes the financial market ... » more

6.  Delo - Slovenia | 30/01/2009

Anti-Sarkozy day

The day of France's general strike could be christened "Anti-Sarkozy day", Delo newspaper writes: "The … 'Black Thursday' in France was not just a day ... » more


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