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Pocevičius, Darius

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TV3 - Lithuania | 03/11/2009

Prudish Lithuania

Lithuania is among those countries of the former Eastern Bloc which are particularly critical of the communist era. Yet according to the news portal Balsas, in many respects it has not freed itself of the old mentality: "Both during the Soviet era and after independence, puritan standards have prevailed. The moral standards propagated by the Soviet Union left no room for discussion: sex simply didn't exist. But this is also the case in the new Lithuania. For our governments, sexuality is only a means of reproduction. Naturally the traditions and dogmas of the Soviet era differ from the current situation, but the will of governments to impose their opinion on citizens remains the same. This also applies to the former bulldozer atheism which is now being replaced by particularly strict Catholic teachings, or the public holidays of the Soviet Union which national public holidays have now replaced."

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