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Plesník, Vladimír

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Právo - Czech Republic | 23/11/2010

Czechs can work with Wulff

On his first visit to the Czech Republic, the German President Christian Wulff on Monday stressed Germany's responsibility for the crimes of the National Socialists, saying they could not be compared to those committed against the Sudeten Germans after the Second World War. The leftist daily Právo praises Wullf's comments: "Christian Wulff was born 14 years after the bloodiest of all wars, making him the first German President born after the War. Nevertheless he found clear and unequivocal words. He strongly rejected automatic comparisons between the crimes of the Germans against the Czechs and those of the Czechs against the Germans, saying anything else would be preposterous. It is good that the new inhabitant of the Berlin's presidential palace has no time for such idleness. ... That is someone we can work with."

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