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plešnar, Jože

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Večer - Slovenia | 11/05/2009

Labour will suffer most damage in scandal over MPs expenses

According to The Daily Telegraph British MPs have spent taxpayers' money on designer furniture and nappies. The daily Večer comments on the scandal over improper use of funds: "It is at any rate difficult to justify such systematic abuse of the system at a time when the gap between the ten percent who earn more than 40,000 pounds and the rest is growing and inequality is greater than it was in the times of Margaret Thatcher. Some are now openly calling for the parliament to be dissolved. … And even the opposition parties are waiting full of fear to see what the Daily Telegraph will reveal about the 'abuses' of their MPs over the next few days. But one thing's for sure: the ruling Labour Party will suffer most. It is unlikely that its most greedy MPs and ministers will be able to retain their posts next year when they seek the support of vengeful voters."

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