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Plešnar, Jože

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Večer - Slovenia | 22/01/2010

Muslim police officers against British anti-terror strategy

Muslim police officers in the UK have protested against the government's anti-terror strategy on the basis it contravenes the country's values. The daily Večer sides with the officers while stressing the logic behind the strategy: "British mistrust in the Muslim community has grown since 2005 when 52 people died in an attack carried out in London by four British Muslims. Certainly one must sympathise with the Muslim police officers who say the government's anti-terror policy incites hatred against Muslims and is 'illogical and contrary to British values'. At the same time one can also understand the man on the street, who's convinced that radicalism is being encouraged in the British Muslim community. Young British Muslims were involved in most of the conspiracies that have come to light. The protest by the Muslim police is an embarrassment to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has lent his support ... to the Muslim police officers' association in the past."

Večer - Slovenia | 02/06/2009

Time is running out on Gordon Brown

A large part of the British population favours early elections, not just because of the ongoing parliamentary expenses scandal. The ruling Labour Party currently ranks third in the opinion polls. The daily Večer believes British Prime Minister Gordon Brown won't be able to convince voters to support his policies. "Just like any other stubborn Scot in his position would do, Gordon Brown has let the conspirators and all those who are pushing for early elections know that he has no intention of resigning. He is pinning his hopes on the announced major reform of the government which entails getting rid of some of the ministers implicated in the expenses scandal next weekend. … The problem is that he has no time for a fresh start and the electorate has already written off the Labour Party. No one believes Brown's claims that he will be able to purge the political system by May next year and show people that he is capable of leading the country out of the economic swamp it is in."

Večer - Slovenia | 06/10/2008

Peter Mandelson back in London

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has summoned Peter Mandelson, his former rival in Tony Blair's cabinet and current EU trade commissioner, back into the Labour government as trade and industry secretary. The daily newspaper Večer expects this decision to improve Brown's standing within his own party. "Brown has two reasons for doing this. On the one hand the need to keep the country afloat economically. ... On the other he needs to revive both his own and the Labour Party's chances of an election victory. Time will show whether and to what extent Mandelson's appointment can contribute to bolstering the UK's economy, but one thing is for sure: the offer to bring Mandelson back into government has caused confusion among Brown's opponents within his own party and reduced the likelihood of a putsch banishing him from Downing Street. By ensuring cooperation with Blair's ex-confidant he has perhaps also increased the chances of the Labour Party overcoming its internal division and being able to make a fresh start."

Večer - Slovenia | 02/09/2008

Darling in crisis

According to Večer newspaper, the political career of British Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling is hanging by a thread as a result of his public comments on the UK's poor economic prospects: "Alistair Darling, who is seen as a truth-loving and good politician, may have destroyed his own career and could now be forced into a less important position in the upcoming revamping of the Labour government. The conflict between the chancellor of the exchequer and Downing Street is jeopardising Prime Minister Gordon Brown's plans to polish up the reputation of the Labour government."

Večer - Slovenia | 14/07/2008

Problematic Union

The Slovenian daily Večer recalls the rocky road to the founding of the new Mediterranean Union: "It is not exactly what Sarkozy had in mind. He had imagined an association of littoral countries, the so-called 'Club Med', with its own investment bank and regular ministerial meetings. Sarkozy had envisioned the project receiving generous financing from the EU, with France playing the leading role. But in the end France's president was forced to give in to the opposition of the key EU states who were against Brussels financing France's desire to expand its clout. ... Although it is obvious that the new Union has been born amid a lack of serious promises for investment in the development of the Mediterranean countries, France's president has chalked up his first victory with the statement that the 'Club Med' brings 'new hope'. ... So far only one thing is for sure: France has ... managed to strengthen its role, and hence the role of the EU, in the Middle East."

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