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Pleše, Mladen

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Jutarnji list - Croatia | 16/12/2014

Don't make suspects of all Muslims

Muslims all over the world must live with the stigma of being suspected of Islamist terror, the liberal daily Jutarnji List observes with concern: "If the Iranian Man Haron Monis, the self-appointed sheik, was able to carry out a terrorist attack on a café on his own and leave dead and wounded in his wake, then any other member of the Muslim community around the world can do the same. Now every Muslim automatically becomes a suspect and is considered a potential terrorist. That could turn the lives of many completely innocent Muslims into sheer hell. ... There's only one way to counter terrorism: to fight Islamist terrorists. But above all to fight those who would impose their own political and civilisational standards on the Islamic world without taking account of historical and cultural differences."

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 22/10/2014

Custody to wear down Bandić's minions

Zagreb's mayor Milan Bandić and 11 other alleged defendants were put on remand for a month on Tuesday on suspicions of corruption. The liberal daily Jutarnji List has its doubts that this old tactic for turning the defendants into witnesses will work out this time: "The national anti-corruption authority Uskok is hoping that the shock of being behind bars for thirty days will cause some of the defendants to break down and turn on the others in an attempt to save themselves. Or that they will cooperate with the prosecutors to secure a milder sentence. ... However the mayor of Zagreb has extremely good ties to his closest colleagues. They are devoted to him, loyal, and even in the most difficult situations none of them have ever betrayed him. But without informers Uskok will have a hard time gathering enough evidence for a trial."

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