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Planinšič, Elizabeta

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Večer - Slovenia | 10/12/2015

Apparent solidarity with Slovenia's police

Slovenian police officers plan to demonstrate for a 35-percent pay rise outside the government headquarters in Ljubljana today. The backing their demands are receiving from other groups is not entirely selfless, the liberal daily Večer suspects: "In addition to support from their own ranks the police are being backed by the fire brigades, hospitals and teachers. The police welcome this support, but the question is whether it is really without ulterior motives. One thing is clear: should the police achieve any of their objectives, other public sector employees will make similar demands. The question is: will the other groups also support the police during their protest today?"

Večer - Slovenia | 12/09/2013

Unfair verdict against protesters in Maribor

A court in Maribor sentenced seven people to seven months each in jail on Tuesday for their participation in an uprising in December 2012 against the city's then mayor Franc Kangler. The accused allegedly attacked police officers and prevented them from carrying out their duties. The conservative daily Večer criticises that there was no clear evidence against the defendants: "And this is precisely why you can't help feeling that this trial was all about setting an example. ... So the public's harsh reactions [to the sentences] were only to be expected. As long as there are more questions than answers, more unclear than undeniable facts, the work of the police, the prosecution and the courts will continue to be criticised by the public. But in a state governed by the rule of law the courts are always right. The defendants will now have to fight for their rights before a court of appeal. Perhaps the truth will look different there."

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