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Pitti, Zoltán

ungarischer Ökonom

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Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 01/07/2011

Flat tax burdens majority of Hungarians

The right-wing conservative government in Hungary introduced a flat tax of 16 percent at the beginning of the year. The tax places an additional burden on the majority of the population, writes the left-liberal weekly Magyar Narancs, taking stock of its impact so far: "2011 wasn't exactly the optimal time for Hungary to decide to introduce a flat tax. The government was facing the task of re-balancing the budget while at the same time boosting the economy. ... It had hoped that the flat tax would bring it political, budgetary and employment advantages and improve the attitude to paying tax. It's obvious that the political expectations have been dashed against reality: the flat tax works to the disadvantage of three-quarters of Hungary's taxpayers while it only benefits that fifth of the population that belongs to the upper middle class and the superrich. In other European countries the opposite has been done: among the measures aimed at coping with the crisis the tax burden on the wealthy has been increased while that of the less wealthy has been reduced."

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