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Pittas, Giorgos

TVXS, Greece

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Tvxs - Greece | 12/07/2011

Cypriot politicians are naive

A major explosion at a Cypriot naval base on Monday left 12 dead and 62 injured. Both the Cypriot defence minister and the National Guard chief resigned just hours after the explosion - astonishingly quickly, the Greek web portal TVXS comments: "The lightness, not to say naivety, that characterises some of the current government officials at all levels of the hierarchy is a 'national' trait to be found in all parties, particularly among the older members. They grew up with the attitude that they are serving a small community, not an entire state. ... Cypriot society has once again shown that it is not a society of raised voices and slogans. However it is a society that increasingly tends to choose the ultimate political punishment for those it considers incompetent, and it demonstrated this again in the most recent parliamentary elections."

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