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Pironet, Ewald

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Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 03/09/2015

Refugees not to blame for social system crisis

The head of the nationalist New Flemish Alliance Bart De Wever said last week on the Flemish radio that social benefits for refugees should be cut. Such a statement is counterproductive and shameless, Ewald Pironet, editor of the Flemish weekly magazine Knack, writes in the weekly Le Vif/L'Express: "Anyone who suggests that refugees are 'benefiting' from our social security system and that they are only after 'money' without doing anything in return harms not only the debate on refugees but also the discussion about our social welfare programme. The fact is, however, that it's not really the refugees who are burdening our welfare system. For decades now it has been put sorely to the test by excessive healthcare spending and welfare fraud. And we ourselves are to blame for that. … Those who are now suggesting that our social security system is buckling under the flood of refugees are themselves guilty of abject populism."

Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 11/03/2015

Belgium must stop subsidising work

Forty-two percent of the workforce in Belgium is on the government payroll and 80 percent of jobs created since 2000 are largely state-subsidised, according to the annual report of the Belgian National Bank made public in mid-February. The imbalances on the country's labour market reveal a fatal trend, the weekly magazine Le Vif/L'Express writes: "The state can no longer bear this burden. Too few jobs are being created in industry, trade, banking, insurance and the service sector. It's astonishing that since 2000 the industrial sector in our country has seen the largest number of job cuts in all Europe. ... Today, far too few people actually work in Belgium. ... The number of those who work for longer must be increased. Otherwise the costs of an ageing society and the social security system will become unaffordable. That is why we need more jobs - preferably not financed by the state."

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