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Piptova, Zuzana

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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 29/07/2009

Change requires citizens' participation

The campaign slogan of the victorious GERB party in Bulgaria's parliamentary elections was "Bulgaria can". The daily Dnevnik comments: "So far everything has gone according to plan. The guilty parties have been voted out of office and new faces with clean records have taken power. But it would be premature to conclude that the mission has been successful. Much time will probably pass and much effort will be required before Bulgaria gains the authority it yearns for. It may sound banal but the most difficult phase is only just beginning. Bulgarian voters must on no account believe that they have done all that's necessary by showing their displeasure and flocking to the ballot, and that now it's all up to those in power. The existence of a political will is indeed a necessary prerequisite but change cannot be effected without the participation of a large majority of the citizens."

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