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Pinto, Paula Cosme

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Blog A Vida de Saltos Altos - Portugal | 22/06/2011

Slutwalks headed for Portugal

Thousands of women in cities all over the world are taking part in so-called Slutwalks in protest at the idea that wearing sexy clothing makes women partially responsible for acts of sexual violence. Writing on the blog portal A Vida de Saltos Altos, Paula Cosme Pinto can't wait for the march in Lisbon on June 25: "Plenty of cleavage, mini-skirts, fishnet stockings, tight trousers, stiletto heels, sexy dresses. Portugal's women will give free reign to their imagination on Saturday in the first Portuguese slutwalk. It all started in April, and since then I've observed with great interest what these slutwalks have been able to accomplish against machismo. The idea came from a group of Canadian women after a policeman commented that women shouldn't dress provocatively if they want to avoid being attacked. Women's outrage is spreading like a brushfire across the world, and the slut marches have reached more than 70 cities. ... Is this a sign that such dumb comments are normal in many countries? That seems to be the case. ... Nothing justifies rape. If we have to protest stark naked for people to understand this, so be it."

Blog A Vida de Saltos Altos - Portugal | 11/05/2011

Incredible slimness mania

According to a study by the University of Arizona some women would rather be alcoholics, depressives or blind than fat. Paula Cosme Pinto finds this unbelievable in the blog A Vida de Saltos Alto for the weekly Expresso: "When I read this I hoped it was a joke but a good few of the 100 women surveyed gave precisely this answer. Are they mad? And am I the only one asking this? ... I can understand people spending hours at the gym to shape up physically and mentally (!). I can understand them asking for salad because the 'mermaid 2011' mission is in full swing as the beach and bikini season draws closer. ... But my dear ladies, there are limits. ... You don't play around with your health. And the irrationality of some decisions revealed in this study makes my stomach turn. ... To be a slave to one's diet for the sake of beauty can't be a good thing."

Blog A Vida de Saltos Altos - Portugal | 05/01/2011

No sex before marriage supposed to make you happier

Couples who wait until they're married to have sex have happier relationships, scientists at the Mormon Brigham Young University in the US claim. Paula Cosme Pinto questions the results of the study in the weekly paper Expresso's blog A Vida de Saltos Altos: "Red alert: Am I now condemned to eternal marital strife because when I made my marriage vows I wasn't buying a pig in a poke? This was the conclusion published in the December issue of the Journal of Family and Psychology. Those couples who hadn't had sex before they got married received higher ratings for stability later on in the marriage - with better sex and more intensive communication. I don't mean to always contradict, but interestingly the study was carried out by the Brigham Young University, which purely by coincidence is financed by a church. 'Religion had no bearing on the results', the study proclaims. Really? That's doubtful. In this particular case I'm a woman without much faith."

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