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Pinhão, Leonor

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Correio da Manhã - Portugal | 04/12/2008

An elegant Portuguese prime minister

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo has described Portugal's Prime Minister José Sócrates as one of the most elegant men in the world. The daily Correio da Manhã writes: "People always talk about Portuguese friendliness. But in fact only tourists talk that way because they feel well treated. We, who know ourselves better than anyone else does, understand very well that this is just a trick to inveigle tourists. Among ourselves we are not polite at all. But we do everything to impress the foreigners and receive a compliment. Now we have reason to be proud. ... José Sócrates is ranked sixth on the list, behind super-elegant men such as Karl Lagerfeld, Barack Obama and Brad Pitt, but before Jude Law and Prince Charles. That is not worthy of applause, but of gratitude."

Correio da Manhã - Portugal | 08/05/2008

Employees' rights in football

Leonor Pinhão compares the world of football with the economic world: "The president of the Portuguese football league wants football clubs that are in arrears with the payment of their players' salaries to be penalised. The penalties foreseen are deduction of points and the withdrawal of their licenses for the next season. What is remarkable in this context is that the league is an employers' association. The president of the League, Hermínio Loureiro, has asked the football bosses to act responsibly, pointing out that football is not a world of its own. But precisely this seems to be the case: owing to its bad reputation, football has become the most tightly controlled activity in a country in which hundreds of employees go for months without being paid their salaries, and in which employees are dismissed and a new company is founded under a new name the very next day. Football appears to be more advanced in this respect."

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