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Pina, Manuel António

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1.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 04/01/2012

Spanish bishop legitimates rape

The Archbishop of Granada, Javier Martinez, said in his Christmas sermon that it was acceptable for women who have had an abortion to be raped. ... » more

2.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 25/08/2011

Portuguese firm censors gay art

The Portuguese insurance company Tranquilidade has banned an exhibition in its art rooms because it was about homosexuality. Journalist and author Manuel António Pina comments ... » more

3.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 06/06/2011

Spending cuts still vital

The conservative Pedro Passos Coelho and his PSD party won 39 percent of the vote and will replace Portugal's socialist Prime Minister José Sócrates. ... » more

4.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 01/12/2010

Ventriloquists dictate policies in Portugal

With the ongoing economic crisis, Portugal's government is introducing one austerity plan after the next. Manuel António Pina asks in the daily Jornal de Notícias ... » more

5.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 23/02/2010

Portugal's inglorious tradition of torturing bulls

The dispute over bullfighting has once again flared up in Portugal. The ministry of culture has set up a bullfighting department in the National Culture ... » more

6.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 17/02/2010

Italy teaches footballers how to behave

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has approved a new list of penalties for bad behaviour on the pitch. Under the new regulations referees could give ... » more

7.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 02/12/2009

Testing for bad news, too?

In Portugal a partially state-run testing centre started checking the quality of drugs recently. Manuel António Pina delivers an ironic commentary in the daily Jornal ... » more

8.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 12/08/2009

Monarchists' prank

On 5 October 1910 Portugal's First Republic was proclaimed from the balcony of Lisbon's city hall. A group of monarchists who run the blog named ... » more

9.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 14/06/2008

An end to groaning on the tennis court?

Former tennis champion Boris Becker has demanded that tennis players should be banned from moaning and groaning on court. Manuel António Pina comments: "Even tennis ... » more

10.  Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 06/06/2008

Bloody television

A Portuguese court has ruled that in future the Portuguese public channel RTP will be permitted to broadcast bullfights only after 10.30 pm and that ... » more


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