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Pilate, Servais

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 28/07/2008

Safe nuclear energy

In La Libre Belgique the engineers Servais Pilate and André Payln come out in favour of nuclear power as a safe form of energy: "Nuclear energy offers very long-term prospects. If it is used properly, it constitutes an enormous energy reserve. If one goes on using the uranium that is in the reactors at the same levels as today the reserves will be used up in about 50 years, according to OECD figures. ... But if we were to use fast-neuron reactors, which have already been tested, these resources could be recycled and produce 60 to 100 times as much energy. In a world-wide research programme scientists are currently trying to design the reactors of tomorrow: fourth-generation reactors that are simultaneously economic, ecological and safe. The countries after Russia that are in the best position to build this kind of reactor are France, Britain, Japan, the United States and maybe soon China and India. Here there is enormous untapped energy potential. One can describe this energy source as virtually inexhaustible and there is still sufficient time to further develop other ways of producing energy like nuclear fusion."

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