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Piketty, Thomas

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Libération - France | 20/04/2015

Thomas Piketty finds debt pressure in Eurozone absurd

Rather than forcing Greece to service debts it can't pay the Euro Group should finally start seeing itself as a single entity, economist Thomas Piketty urges in the left-liberal daily Libération: "The most absurd thing about all this is that in 2015 Europe's debts are above all internal. ... True, the member states own an unprecedented amount of each other's bonds: savers at French banks own part of the German and Italian debt, German and Italian banks own much of the French debt, and so on. But if we view the Eurozone as a whole, we own ourselves. Moreover, we own more financial assets outside the Eurozone than countries outside the Eurozone own of ours. Rather than repaying our debts to each other for decades to come, all we need to do is organise the system in a different way."

The Guardian - United Kingdom | 02/05/2014

Thomas Piketty wants a chamber of parliament for the Eurozone

The EU is in a deep existential crisis that it will only recover from if it radically reforms its institutions, economist Thomas Piketty writes the left-liberal daily The Guardian. In a manifesto published together with 14 other journalists and scientists he defends the proposals of the so-called Glienicker Group for more integration and a chamber of parliament for the countries of the Eurozone: "This new democratic architecture for Europe would make it possible to finally overcome today's inertia and the myth that the council of heads of state could serve as a second chamber representing the states. ... To finally move to majority rule on the fiscal and budgetary matters that the Eurozone countries choose to share, it is necessary to create a genuine European chamber, where each country is represented not by its head of state alone, but by members who represent all political persuasions."

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