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Piirsalu, Jaanus

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Delfi - Estonia | 21/12/2012

Estonia should do more to attract Russians

Russian tourists are being allowed to pay with roubles at a Finnish department store chain during the Christmas shopping period. Estonia should also do more to attract Russian holiday-makers to the country, the news portal Delfi writes: "It takes less time to get from Saint Petersburg to Helsinki than to Tallinn [because of the better infrastructure]. ... Nevertheless Estonia should give Russian tourists the impression that they're heartily welcome here as well. ... A first step would be simplifying our border controls. ... As in former times [in the 19th century], Russians could then even buy summer homes here and come in the warm season, like they do in Finland. ... A well-known Russian author recently called Finland the Kuwait of the North. Finland's borders with Russia are as valuable as oil, he said. We also have access to this 'resource', only we haven't yet figured out how to use it."

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