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Piirsalu, Jaan

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Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | 07/06/2011

Russian news agency slanders Estonia

The Russian news agency Interfax published a headline on May 13 saying that according to President Dmitry Medvedev mass Nazi demonstrations were taking place in Estonia. The Estonian daily Eesti Päevaleht is outraged by the false information: "Would somebody please tell me where the demonstrations to which the president of our neighbouring country referred are taking place? It's entirely possible that Medvedev himself was given false information, considering the negative image of Estonia that has long been circulating in Russia. ... Only this time the joke is that Medvedev said nothing of the sort at the May 13 meeting covered by Interfax. ... Neither Medvedev nor the interviewer used the expression 'mass Nazi marches', and the Lord only knows why Interfax cooked it all up. Perhaps the journalist was under pressure and wanted his title to sound sexy. Apparently Interfax has now also admitted the mistake. ... In any case Estonia has once again been dealt a slap in the face."

Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | 17/12/2010

Frustration leads to violence against Caucasians

Police in Moscow were able to prevent a renewed outbreak of racist violence among football fans on Wednesday. Thousands were arrested and several hundred weapons were confiscated. On Saturday riots between fans from Moscow and the Caucasus left many wounded. The daily Eesti Päevaleht comments: "The attack on non-Slavic looking people shows the direction in which Russian society is moving. Corruption has hit all levels of society, above all the judiciary and the security forces. In attacking people of other ethnic groups the frustrated young people are giving free rein to the aggression they feel as a result of their depressing situation. Much is being said about why extremism is rampant in the North Caucasus and why the youths there are reaching for weapons to fight against the power of the state."

Delfi - Lithuania | 12/08/2010

Competition over the Baltic's elecriticy market

After the closure of Lithuania's Ignalina nuclear power plant at the start of the year, both Lithuania and its neighbour, Russian Kaliningrad, are planning new nuclear power plants. In the Kaliningrad region, work has already begun. The Delfi news portal recommends joint action by the Baltic States: "No doubt Russia wants to use the existing energy gap and take over leadership of the electricity market in its neighbouring countries. The question is whether the European Union will react at all, to bolster the interests of the Baltic countries and Poland. Those states should definitely join forces so that by 2020 they can build their own nuclear power plant. There is no time to lose. One can already hear from the Estonian company 'Eesti Energia' that they will not wait more than 12 months for plans to materialise into a tangible result. Otherwise they will have to consider alternatives to a nuclear energy plant in Lithuania."

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