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Piérot, Jean-Paul

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L'Humanité - France | 24/06/2013

By-election a slap in the face for Hollande

In the by-elections to replace former minister Jérôme Cahuzac in the French National Assembly, the candidate of the conservative UMP won out against his opponent from the far-right Front National with 53.76 percent against 46.24 percent of the vote. The fact that the Socialist candidate was out of the race after the first round of voting illustrates the disappointment of voters on the left, the communist daily L'Humanité writes: "When a by-election is caused by a tax fraud affair surrounding a budget minister, the parliamentary majority faces a serious handicap. But when such inexcusable mistakes are coupled with popular feelings that the policies that have been pursued for the past year don't break with those they rejected when they removed Nicolas Sarkozy from the Elysée Palace, a large number of voters on the left feel they've been doubly wronged. ... Who can still doubt that the government will run into a wall if it persists in listening only to those who want the downfall of the left?"

L'Humanité - France | 28/07/2009

French workers made to learn Hungarian

In response to job cuts at the Hungarian car supplier Bosal in the French community of Annezin the communist-leaning daily L'Humanité criticises the EU's labour laws in its leading article: "Workers at the car supplier Bosal, which produces silencers … in Annezin are being asked to learn Hungarian as quickly as possible. This way they will be able to express their gratitude to the Bosal Autoflex Hungary management for taking them in [in Hungary] and paying them a monthly wage of 425 euros [because the company is legally obliged to offer workers it dismisses new contracts]. … This is the height of cynicism on the part of a certain group of employers. … When Hungary joined the EU in 2004 the Hungarian people hoped that salaries would be harmonised upwards. But in order to achieve this the European agreements which were signed in the spirit of liberalism would have to have been amended accordingly."

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