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Pieńkowski, Marcin

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 29/12/2015

Kaczyński proves his worth as a strategist

Jaroslav Kaczyński, the leader of the national conservative ruling PiS party, has demonstrated the best tactical skills among Poland's politicians, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita writes: "When he made the almost unknown Andrzej Duda the party's presidential candidate in November 2014 rather than running for president himself against rival candidate Bronisław Komorowski, many people thought he believed the battle for that post was already lost. But then, just a few months later, the young, moderate and capable candidate turned out to be an absolute hit. And Beata Szydło, who as the PiS candidate for prime minister won a victory that made the formation of a government without a coalition partner possible for the first time since Poland became a democracy, turned out to be just as good a choice. Kaczyński knows his weaknesses and took a back seat in public. In doing so he has demonstrated that he is an excellent strategist."

Wprost Online - Poland | 14/06/2012

Polish hooligans put their country to shame

The Polish police arrested more than 180 Polish and Russian fans who ran riot before and after the Euro 2012 match (1-1) pitting Poland against Russia. The conservative news portal Wprost Online has harsh words for the Polish fans: "It is lamentable that the insults [directed at the Russians] were sung louder than the songs meant to encourage the players wearing the eagle crest. That means football wasn't the most important thing that evening. ... 'Shame, Embarrassment, Disgrace and Stupidity': This is the headline printed on the front page of a tabloid six years ago - the day after Poland lost to Ecuador. One day after the match between Poland and Russia the papers should print this headline again. Because these are the only words to describe the behaviour of the bandits whose goal wasn't to cheer on Poland but to put it to shame."

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