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Piccardi, Gaia

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 29/04/2014

A witty footballer bites back

The Brazilian footballer Dani Alves, who plays for FC Barcelona, gave an original response to a racist attack on Sunday. When someone threw a banana at him during an away match against FC Villareal he simply peeled the fruit, took a bite and then continued to play. A great reaction because irony is the best weapon against idiocy, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera comments: "In other instances of cheap racism we have seen players strip off their jerseys, burst into tears, complain to the referee, demand that the match be broken off, turn against the fans in the stands or bitterly resign to the fact that nothing is being done about racism on the football pitch. ... There is no right or wrong reaction when human dignity is attacked. ... But when the man who defends it wears the number 22 and has the supreme common sense and quick-wittedness of Dani Alves, the irony really hits the bull's-eye."

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