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Přibil, Marek

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Týden - Czech Republic | 23/10/2013

Czech Social Democrats face useless victory

The most recent polls ahead of the snap parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic on the weekend indicate a victory for the Social Democrats. But they may have a hard time forming a government, the liberal weekly Tyden warns in its online edition: "The Communists may become the Social Democrats' bride as happened with the regional elections. But neither this alliance nor an alliance with the now marginalised conservative parties will suffice for a majority of 101 members of parliament. Moreover the Social Democrats have vigorously ruled out a cooperation with [billionaire] Babiš. But what are they supposed to do with their victory? They could only form a government that rules without the trust of the parliament until fresh elections next May. ... A three-party coalition would also be conceivable. But this would be the worst alternative of all. Prime ministers Klaus, Špidla, Gross, Paroubek, Topolánek and Nečas all know from bitter experience that small parties can behave like big tyrants."

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