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Phillips, Melanie

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The Times - United Kingdom | 14/12/2014

Torture legitimate in fight against terror

British MPs want access to the blacked-out passages in the US Senate's report on CIA torture practices in order to assess the involvement of the British intelligence service. The ill-treatment of terror suspects is justified if it prevents terror attacks, the conservative daily The Times writes: "The real moral issue, here, though, is whether such techniques can ever be justified even if they are effective. ... But sometimes it is a moral imperative to use limited ill-treatment if the purpose is to save innocent lives. If the alternatives are the prolonged sleep deprivation of a shackled and hooded detainee or a dirty bomb in the middle of Birmingham, which would you choose? It's like the distinction between murder and war. Killing is wrong - except in a just war, where it becomes essential in order to avoid the murder of the innocent."

The Times - United Kingdom | 25/05/2014

Only Brexit can stop Ukip now

The Eurosceptic Ukip party won the European elections in the UK with around 29.5 percent of the vote. Now the other parties will only be able to beat Ukip by adopting its goals, columnist Melanie Phillips fears in the conservative daily The Times: "Even if Ukip disintegrates after this high-water mark, this voter revolt will not fade away. Concerns about mass immigration and the erosion of UK self-government extend beyond Ukippers to supporters of other parties. Public alienation from politics will continue until and unless Britain leaves the EU. ... Unfortunately for the three main parties, the only way to begin to regain voters' trust is to advocate the one thing they cannot countenance. To destroy Ukip, they have to adopt its core aim. That is the paradox that now traps them."

Daily Mail - United Kingdom | 18/05/2009

British extreme right-wing parties benefit from expense scandal

Melanie Phillips warns in The Daily Mail that extreme right-wing parties in Britain are benefiting from the scandal over MPs' expense accounts: "The lid has finally blown clean off a boiling pot of disgust with an entire political class which seems to inhabit a totally different universe from the voters. ... If the opinion polls are to be believed, the result is likely to be a hugely increased vote for the fringe parties at the upcoming European Parliament elections. ... As the recipients of a protest vote against the corruption of democracy, these fringe parties leave much to be desired. For all its slick repackaging, the BNP [British National Party] remains an odiously racist party, with its leader blurting out the fact that he doesn't regard British citizens of Asian descent - indeed, any ethnic minority - as British at all. He has a criminal conviction for a racist offence, and BNP members are regularly embroiled in ugly or even criminal displays and activities. As for UKIP [United Kingdom Independence Party], that itself is tainted by corruption, with one of its former MEPs jailed for benefit fraud and another kicked out of the party after being charged with money-laundering."

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