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Pfeifer, Karl

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Népszava - Hungary | 24/04/2014

Occupation monument arbitrary act by Orbán

In Budapest, construction work has begun on a highly controversial monument to commemorate Hungary's occupation by Nazi Germany, which began on 19 March 1944. In the left-leaning daily Népszava, journalist Karl Pfeifer criticises Viktor Orbán's conservative government for making the decision on the monument without any regard for opposing views: "Outside Hungary too, people are talking about the hypocritical monument, which uses a distorting symbolism to suggest that Hungary was a victim of the German occupation in 1944. We remember well Orbán's promise to the Jewish federation Mazsihisz in February that after Easter he would listen to the opinions of the Hungarian Holocaust survivors. Instead, the construction of the monument began straight after Orbán's party won the elections. ... Orbán apparently doesn't care about breaking his promise and pursuing a policy that presents people with a fait accompli."

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