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Pewińska, Gabriela

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Polska - Poland | 14/02/2008

A film about the everyday lives of Polish homosexuals

The everday life of homosexual couples in Poland forms the subject of the documentary film "" by Robert Glinski, which had its premiere in Poland yesterday. In an interview with Gabriela Pewińska, Gliński explains why the film will not cause a scandal: "I just met some nice people. I had no intention of looking at what they do in bed. Instead I wanted to focus on the human side of their lives. ... On the things that connect them with the outside world and not those that distinguish them from it. ... There is no aggression in the film, neither from them nor towards them. It does not show intolerance or homosexuals fighting for their rights. It is a portrait of people experiencing relationships, who maintain contact with their heterosexual friends and their families."

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