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pettersson, karin

Kolumnistin bei der schwedischen Boulevardzeitung Aftonbladed

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Aftonbladet - Sweden | 18/08/2015

Karin Pettersson marvels at Paul Mason's PostCapitalism

In his new book PostCapitalism, a Guide to Our Future, the British economic journalist Paul Mason turns his attention to the era after capitalism. A remarkable work, journalist Karin Pettersson marvels in the tabloid Aftonbladet: "Mason writes that the old bulwark of the left-wing political struggle, the socially organised working class, is severely weakened today. Instead he puts his hopes in the emerging digital class. ... Information should be free, without loyalty to hierarchies or states. In the modern networks far from the logic of the market economy, free services like Wikipedia and Linux are being developed. And a modern form of barter economy is emerging. ... Mason's utopia is far-reaching: an economic system in which wage labour and control by market forces are abolished. You don't have to agree with him but his ideas are stimulating: a largely reformed financial sector, the introduction of a basic income to accelerate structural change, and a combination of state intervention and network solutions to counter the climate crisis."

Aftonbladet - Sweden | 04/12/2014

No alternative to new elections

Fresh elections are the only alternative after the failed budget vote in Sweden, the social-democratic daily Aftonbladet believes: "A racist party with Nazi roots has manoeuvred itself into a position where it could topple the government. This is a disgrace for the rest of the parties who have always maintained that the Sweden Democrats would never gain influence. The conservative alliance promised during the election campaign in September that the biggest faction would be allowed to govern - a promise it has now gone back on. In addition there is a democratic dilemma because the very policy that was rejected by voters - the alliance's platform - was passed by parliament yesterday. The result is a legislature without any alternatives for forming a government, and in which all positions are blocked. The politicians have failed and it's difficult to imagine any solution other than letting the voters decide once more."

Aftonbladet - Sweden | 26/11/2012

Death of newspapers endangers democracy

The death of the newspapers in Sweden is shaking democracy to the roots, the left-liberal daily Aftonbladet writes, calling on politicians to take swift action: "These times offer great opportunities for journalism. Information is easily accessible and media can work together with readers in new ways. But not everyone is a journalist. Social media cannot replace the processes, structures and knowledge that are the foundation for investigative journalism. And nothing is happening on the political side. The minister of culture and education points to current reports that are to determine whether online media should also receive state funding. A new system is to be developed, which however will only come into effect in four years' time. ... Journalism does not necessarily have to exist on paper. But one thing is for sure: a strong democracy needs strong news desks. Now is the time for deeds to follow words, across party boundaries and in cooperation with the big media players."

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